Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hot (S)Pot

Lee's recommendation, via phone text message!
Today we met a local by the name of Lee Cui.  

Lee spent about 5 years in Australia at Macquarie University in Sydney before moving back to China.  He brought us the octane booster that we are keen to have (for the not-so-good fuel we’re expecting in Mongolia).  

Lee also gave us a restaurant recommendation, which we went to for dinner tonight (see at right).

It was something of a circus.  Everything in Chinese, except for a few things we didn’t really want -   intestines, duck tongues etc.

After struggling with the menu for a while and getting nowhere, we rang Lee then passed the phone to the waiter for Lee to tell him what to feed us.  We still needed a lot of help from the waiter. 

You had to cook for yourself by throwing the components in the… let’s call it broth, for a couple of minutes.  There were two lots of broth, one white-ish and the other black-ish but both seemed to be made up of hot stuff.  

Lots of chillies.

But, after that dubious start it all went down pretty well.

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