Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 10 Tue 21 Jun 2016 Chjargas Lake to Olgiy Mongolia 350 Kms

[[Text from Dave (No internet connection): Day 10 complete.  All OK (8hr15min to do 350 km).
One of 3 sections cancelled. Camp has been moved. We were towed through some deep water. The countryside is a bit like Australia.  Weather very changeable. Rains regularly. Changes from very cold to quite hot.]]

(later, via internet)   The navigator from car 70, a NZ Volvo Mother /Daughter crew who rolled on day 3, had more bad luck yesterday when they got bogged in sand.  

While attempting to get out, the mother, Heather (left), snapped an Achilles tendon.  The medics strapped it up in a moon boot and she was to be flown out tonight to get it operated on. 

I think Jo will probably try and continue on her own

There were three stages scheduled for today, but only two were run, due to all officials being needed at a river crossing where lots of cars had to be towed.

We covered the radiator and attached a tow rope and were about to go when an official 4WD offered a tow. Being the wimps we are, we accepted. If we had stopped in the middle, we would have got very wet. 

It rained heavily on the first section but the best bit is there is no dust.  Passing cars is mostly done by taking a parallel track, but there were a few we had to do it the hard way.  Flashing, beeping and squeezing past if they move over.

Scenery is spectacular again today.  Chjargas Lake where we camped last night is big. Maybe 60km long and 25km wide. There were mountains that reminded me of the Flinders Ranges in SA, except some of them had snow on the peaks. Clouds come and go rapidly, leaving shadows if there is sunshine above, or sometimes just dumping rain.  Five minutes later, it will be different again.  Really, it’s worse than Melbourne.

Tonight’s camp was moved to a different location to the planned one, and is 25km out of town. So no internet again.

Just heard that the 1st stage scheduled for tomorrow in cancelled. Two reasons. One it’s rough and two, the new camp site is a long way from it and they wanted to get first cars to the Russian border as soon as it opens.
This is the 2nd last night of camping.  Camp again tomorrow in Russia, then  I expect never to camp in a tent again.


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